Are You A Dividend Growth Investor?

Then you might be interested in joining the DGI Community! You see, although there are plenty of DGI blogs out there, there isn't really a place for us where we can gather to talk and share ideas.

That's why I build this community website. Where we can share ideas, discuss stocks, celebrate milestones, ask questions, and more!

But.. We can only launch the community when we have enough people. So.. If you're interested in joining, leave you're email address below and you'll be among the first to receive an email when we go live.

(You'll receive an email when we go live.)

Frequently Asked Questions

When are you going live?

You see, there's not much point in starting a community without anyone there.. So, before we launch, we need to make sure we have some interested people. By joining the waitlist, you help to bring the launch date closer.

Is this right for me?

The DGI Community is meant for 'dividend growth investors'. Dividend growth investing (or DGI) is an investing strategy where you invest in blue chip companies that have a reputation for rewarding their shareholders with evergrowing dividends.

Is it going to be expensive?

Nope! This is not one of those websites that charges you hundreds of dollars per month. I'm sure you'll find our pricing very accessible.

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(You'll receive an email when we go live.)